Bai Shi Ceremony

Bai Shi ceremony is held to officially acknowledge a disciple, and is a common practice in martial arts and in Ip Man Wing Chun traditions.

How can a disciple be given Bai Shi ceremony? The requirement for Bai Shi ceremony is usually decided by the institution, or by the Sifu who will perform the Bai Shi.

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun sets Bai Shi standard in accordance to the standard set by GM Ip Man - Bai Shi is given to disciple who will learn Biu Gee form.

Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun will continue to practice this ancient tradition in the far future. It is essential for a disciple to participate in Bai Shi should they wish to learn Biu Gee. Family alike, they will then have unlimited access to learn traditional Ip Man wing chun from Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun instructors anywhere in the world.

Note : 
-Bai Shi can only be held by a Sifu who has received Bai Shi before. The disciple will then be officially recorded in the Sifu's lineage.

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