Tradisional Ip Man Wing ChunKegiatan


Training of Trainers

Training of Trainers is a FREE and MANDATORY program for all instructors of Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun. Instructors who wish to teach at any Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun class must attend Training of Trainers to obtain and renew their teaching certificate. Training of Trainers is held to: 1. Ensure…


World Wing Chun Journey

Wing Chun Journey is a FREE Ip Man wing chun seminar program run by Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun for individuals, communities, wing chun schools, or any organisations that have the initiative to learn and spread Ip Man wing chun to anyone across the world. Tradisional Ip Man Wing Chun is open to all…


Bai Shi Ceremony

Bai Shi ceremony is held to officially acknowledge a disciple according to wing chun traditions. This ceremony is usually held after periodic examination, when disciples who have attained Level 2 wing chun are invited to attend the ceremony. Although Bai Shi ceremony is not well followed by wing chun’s…


Periodic Wing Chun Examination

Ensuring the quality of learning and teaching is an important element in spreading traditional Ip Man Wing Chun in the world. Unlike other kungfu association, Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun aims to assess wing chun skills using an objective, standardised measure: examination. Disciples are then classified…


Regular Wing Chun Training Class

Regular training is the key foundation of all our vision, mission, and reasons to built Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun . Below is the structure of our regular training classes that is constructed to support our vision and mission: 1. Training classes are open to anyone without discriminating at gender,…

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