Periodic Wing Chun Examination

Ensuring the quality of learning and teaching is an important element in spreading traditional Ip Man Wing Chun in the world. Unlike other kungfu association, Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun aims to assess wing chun skills using an objective, standardised measure: examination. Disciples are then classified by their skill levels. There is currently Level 1 (Beginner) to Level 8 (Mastery). 

Level classification is necessary to:

1. To assess disciples of their wing chun skills objectively.

2. To ensure that a disciple have attained the necessary foundations before they can continue to learn advance techniques.

3. To assess instructor’s learning and teaching methodologies.

Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun holds examination periodically every 6-8 months.

A disciple must have learnt for a consecutive 3 months prior to taking Level 1 examination. Examination modules are varied in difficulty according to skill levels. Remedial session is available if a disciple does not pass the examination. Once a disciple has passed the examination, they will receive a certificate of attainment, signed by Sifu Martin Kusuma, as the certified assessors of Ving Tsun Athletic Association.

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